Benefits to traders

FXTRADES ONLINE provides traders with a global platform that is fast, scalable and intuitive – for virtually any instrument. With accurate, shared data, you can potentially work smarter, faster and confidently while handling bigger volumes with fewer errors.

FXTRADES ONLINE can help you:

  • Manage orders efficiently through a centralized dashboard, shared throughout the organization. FXTRADES ONLINE supports strong multi-portfolio functionality in key areas, including merging, splitting, and crossing orders.
  • Quickly access the market through integration with execution platforms and brokers. Through FXTRADES ONLINE trading functionality you have direct, native execution capabilities for fixed income and bring together otherwise fragmented liquidity from a variety of sources – without ever having to leave your FXTRADES ONLINE “dashboard”.
  • Access tools optimized to help support a seamless and efficient trading workflow – with minimal clicks and highly scalable and fast processing capabilities.
  • Connect offices around the world to help ensure everyone is sharing cleaner data in real time – so when it is night in New York, you don’t miss a beat and can pass the book to colleagues in Tokyo. While FXTRADES ONLINE connects everyone through a common framework, you can also customize your data, tools and analytics to help meet your individual needs.